TapTurn features:

  • One-touch convenience signaling
  • Additional hazard flasher patterns
  • Remote activated arrival & departure lighting
  • Directional park lights
  • StrobePack

... it all comes inside the flasher replacement module!

Photo credit CarbonMiata

All TapTurn models add one-touch signaling, that's why we call it TapTurn!  Tapping the signal stalk left or right and letting it return to center makes a series of self-cancelling blinks in the chosen direction. If needed, blinks can be stopped early by tapping again in the same direction.

TapTurn allows precise control of signal blinks to fit any situation. You can tap once for a series of blinks, hold and release the stalk for one or two blinks, or engage the stalk fully for conventional signaling that will be canceled by steering wheel turns or by hand.

All TapTurn models have traditional 4-way flashers and also add new Wig Wag and Slow Motion patterns you can start for interest, utility, and attention! Use new patterns while driving in parades, participating in track sports, showing the car, patrolling parking lots, etc.

Press the hazard button to engage normal 4-way flashers, then tap the signal stalk left or right to switch to new patterns. Tapping right starts Wig Wag (side-to-side alternating flashes), while tapping left slows the blinks to half-speed, regardless of what pattern you've selected.

For maximum attention, check out the StrobePack option to make your hazards dazzle with 8 possible hazard modes

TapTurn offers exterior convenience lighting to help see all around the vehicle while parked. Use your remote to unlock or lock the vehicle and all signal bulbs will then steadily illuminate your way (without blinking) while you approach or leave the area. Bulbs automatically extinguish after a minute, or when you start the vehicle, or if you press the hazard button - whichever happens first!

Depending on your vehicle type, illumination time can be adjusted from 25 seconds to 25 minutes. If this feature isn't for you choose a model without or turn it off completely.

This feature lets you leave just the left or right side signal bulbs lit as marker lights when parked. Commonly found on European cars where street-side visibility on narrow lanes is especially important to prevent clipping side mirrors.

Engage the signal stalk left or right when the car is off to activate directional parking lights on that side of the car. Normal 4-way parking lights still work as usual with the parking light switch. It is also possible to combine 4-way parking lights and Directional Park lights (should you so desire).

TapTurn comes with one-touch signaling set to 3 blinks by default. Depending on model chosen, it's easy to change the number of blinks to 4, 5, or 6 for additional lane change departure warning time and turn off tap signaling completely - if a driver prefers not to have it. It takes just seconds to change this setting by using the signal stalk when the car is parked.

Add some visual punch with the StrobePack option! Your signal blinks and/or hazard flashers will come to life as rapid bursts of pulsed light. Strobes work on existing incandescent bulbs and looks excellent with LED replacement bulbs.

Strobing hazards gets maximum attention for roadside emergencies. Here's how Wig Wag hazards look when strobed:

StrobePack has four modes to choose from:

  • Mode A - don't strobe anything. All hazard flasher modes (4-way, Wig Wag, Slow Motion, Slow Wag) and signal blinks are regular blinks.
  • Mode B - strobe all hazard patterns (4-way, Wig Wag, Slow Motion, Slow Wag) but only when the car is parked (key turned off). While driving, your hazard flashers will not be strobed.
  • Mode C - strobe all hazard patterns when the car is parked and driving. Whenever hazards are used in any mode, they will be strobed.
  • Mode D - strobe everything! Like Mode C but also strobes signal blinks when changing lanes.

StrobePack does not affect TapTurn Directional Park Lights or Arrival & Departure Lighting features -- these remain lit solidly while in use.