Announcing Custom Kit for DIY Installers!!

Vehicles on our compatibility list have a Plug & Play solution.  Vehicles not listed below may still enjoy all TapTurn functions by installing this Custom Kit.  Comes with wiring connectors and notes for the DIYer who obtains an understanding of wiring diagrams for their vehicle and is not afraid of making under-dash electrical connections.  Here it is fitted in 04 WRX.  If you have skills and the time this could be your solution!

TapTurn Custom Kit is even working in a 1982 DeLorean!!  “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”   Thanks Doc, that's our motto around here!

Vehicle compatibility list

TapTurn works in the following vehicles with stock bulbs or aftermarket LEDs. Remove LED load resistors if previously installed, they are not needed with TapTurn.

User Guides
Printed manual comes with purchase,
or View or Download PDF now!

Select the model for your car -> 

For Toyota, Lexus, Subaru, Scion:

For Mazda, Ford:

Restore all TapTurn settings to factory default by doing a soft reset like this: turn car on, turn hazards on, signal left, turn car off. Done! Reset for Ford & Mazda is same steps but opposite order: car off, signal left, hazards on, turn car on. Done! TapTurn factory defaults are: 3-blink tap signaling and Arrival & Departure Lighting enabled with timer set to 1 minute. StrobePack (if equipped) is also reset to its default strobe Mode - consult your manual).

After battery maintenance, boosts, disconnection, or accidental discharge you may need to restore TapTurn with a hard reset. Once the battery is in good condition, pull the hazard fuse, then plug the fuse back in. Follow with a soft reset to restore TapTurn to its original shipped condition.

Not sure of fit?

Check the flasher in your vehicle before ordering to see if it looks like one of these 8-pin flasher styles shown. (Locate your flasher by sound and feel - turn on hazards and look under dash, touching your flasher to feel vibration with each flash.)

Ford and Mazda look like this (but yours will not have the wire and fuse holder coming out of it).

Ford and Mazda look like this (but yours will not have the wire and fuse holder coming out of it).

Toyota, Lexus, Subaru have flashers that look like this.